About this site

California is making the biggest investment in infrastructure since the 1950s and 60s. It’s a once-in-a-generation drive that will benefit communities across California.

This website provides information on individual projects. It gives a partial list of the work happening across California.

These projects will help us:

  • Build a new system of clean energy
  • Move away from dirty fossil fuels
  • Build and repair our roads, bridges, and public transit
  • Bring high-speed internet to every Californian
  • Clean the air and restore our natural spaces
  • Grow our economy

The map and table show select projects and how they impact communities in California. Project information may not be current and project locations are approximate. We will update the data and this website over time.

We show projects from both federal and California state sources. One project could appear in both datasets. Thus, there is some overlap in budget numbers.

Find more about federal funding at invest.gov

How this contributes to equity

California is committed to building infrastructure that benefits all Californians. And equity is our north star. We're especially focused on making life better in areas that are:

  • disadvantaged,
  • underserved, or
  • polluted.

In the past, infrastructure has benefited some communities at the expense of others. For example, new highways often disrupted and polluted communities they ran through.

But every community deserves to be clean, green, and safe. To achieve this goal, California’s projects have these priorities:

  • Benefit disadvantaged communities
  • Engage communities
  • Consult and partner with tribes
  • Create meaningful work and opportunity through jobs and contracts

As part of our commitment to equity, we wrote this site in plain language. We want all Californians to know how their dollars are at work in their communities.

Find out more about how California is building equity.

Building more, faster

Last year, Governor Newsom signed into law an historic package of bills. They help speed up critical infrastructure projects across California. These projects will help:

  • build our 100% clean electric grid,
  • ensure safe drinking water and boost the state’s water supply, and
  • modernize our transportation system.

The laws streamline reviews, cut red tape, and allow new delivery methods. They maximize taxpayer dollars and shorten project timelines. They do not sacrifice proper environmental review and community engagement.

To see if your project may be eligible for streamlining and to apply, visit the Office of Planning and Research.

Executive order

See how Governor Gavin Newsom directed the state to fund and track these projects.

The Governor created a strike team to speed up clean infrastructure across the state. Select the image to find out who’s on the team.

A list of people in California state government who collected data for this website.

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Projects are subject to many layers of review and approval. They may encounter other practical, legal, or economic barriers to completion. A project’s inclusion on this website does not mean that it has been or will be:

  • approved by the state,
  • favorably reviewed by any government agency,
  • receiving state or federal funding, or
  • completed as initially proposed or described.

We may reconsider listing a project on this website based on updated information. Reported project information is subject to inaccuracies. Project locations are approximate. We will make reasonable efforts to update information reported here, but this information may not be current. Do not rely upon it without independent verification.